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What’s Best for Your Startup? In-House Team vs Marketing Agency?

“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. It’s all about the people,’ I only invest when I think I have found the right team for the right business.” – Chris Sacca

We get a very clear idea when we hear the term ‘startup’, which means to start with something new or which is going to be established soon. In clear terms, it is a venture which is started by its own parent, with an idea to make it a business in the long run. The idea of startup companies is to make their vision into a reality.

The initial founders of these companies aim to establish a team of committed co-founders with the required abilities and skills, who will be able to validate the problems and come up with solutions as well as, the ones who will fit the market and product.

Therefore, startups need to have united and committed members as their founding team, to generate their business model and make a great company. So it’s also very important to select your marketing team wisely, according to the needs of your company. There are two ways taken up by the agencies, one is the In-House Team and the second is the Marketing Agency.


  • Speed of getting results

The timeline which will be followed during this process is- phone interviews will be set up in a week or two, the decision of hiring an agency along with the paperwork will take one to three days and the work will begin in a day.

 This is so because agencies work with many of their clients, so it’s easy for them to have a streamlined onboarding process.

  • Skillset and Experience

The price you’ll pay for one employee will get you more employees if you hire an agency. Moreover, your project will get more number of creative minds who will be working towards a solution.

Therefore, you just need to select the right agency and relax.

  • Different Industries & Niches

As agencies work with clients from different industries and, they know which campaign will suit you better as they can provide you with the solutions which they have already come across in the past.


  • Waiting for your turn to start

Top tier marketing agencies often have a waiting list, which can lead to a delay in the work to start by up to two months after finishing the paperwork.

  • Commitment to an Agency

It’s important to have a commitment to the agency you select to work with. Therefore, many marketing agencies require at least three, six, or twelve-month commitment. This helps them deliver a strong ROI for you.

  • Less of Direct Input in Creatives

As marketing agencies work faster to deliver results for you, you may not be able to work in parallel with the agency, in order to decide in the creative process. This means you can’t every time check upon, or provide your ideas in the creatives.

So everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, one should work with the things and factors which better suit them.


  • Live & Breathe the company

The only goal of the employee would be to make your brand a success, so they will focus on their task more. This may lead put some hurdles in between, to draw inspiration from outside as it’s your startup company.

  • Industry Knowledge

Your in-house team may not have the idea of working with other companies, but over time they’ll know your company the best. They will know what is best for the company and what should be the flow of work.

  • Handpick your Team

You can train the employees on how things should flow. This will also give you command on the way you want to frame your company. Moreover, your employees will also stick to the company, as they will have a sense of ownership with the project.


  • Consumption of Time

You’ll need to create a job posting and then post a job, which will take one day. The same you will need to spare in your contacts which takes a week or two. Once you get applications, you’ll be filtering the same in two to four weeks. Setting up telephonic interviews will take another two to four weeks, followed by, personal interviews with the consumption of a week or two. Once all these are done, you’ll start with their training which will take two to four weeks.

Therefore hiring, training and onboarding will consume a lot of time.

  • Difficulty in Selection of Employees

If you don’t have much knowledge of marketing, then if will be difficult to select the right employee for the same. The challenge is that you don’t know whether the person will produce the desired outcome or not. Since you don’t have much knowledge on the same; you won’t be able to predict a lot on what’s going on with the project.

  • Much Work for Productivity

The top employees can keep themselves busy working on the marketing strategy, but at the same time, they can run out of steam. So, it’s important for you to know, you are paying for what to the employees, because if the outcome is not good, then it’s all a waste.

  • Finding Skilled Employees

Marketing strategies need a lot of skills in all areas of the same, which is quite difficult to find. Even if you find some employees, it’s not necessary, they’ll know everything. You will need to prioritize the skills you need in your team for your marketing strategy.

Therefore, you should choose your option according to what your company demands. If you are not so familiar with marketing, then you should choose an agency to grow your startup. Once you are well established, then you can move to an in-house marketing team.

But if you have the knowledge of marketing then you can go with an in-house team and later can consult an agency to fill the gaps in your strategy.


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