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Every company is trying to build a brand image in the minds of your target audience, to compete with the other brands. Marketing is the key to a successful brand. Therefore, it’s important be to make a marketing plan in a wise way, so as to attract your target audience towards your brand.
Today, companies are shifting from their traditional form of advertising, which they used to do earlier, to digital advertising, which is the current form of advertising. With the fast-changing of time technologies have also changed the way of advertising.
It’s quite clear to everyone by now, that the services under traditional advertising include newspaper or magazines, posters, billboards, radio, and brochures. Although traditional marketing is available in the market now has some drawbacks too.
1) Little Interaction
It is a one-way path, where brands can broadcast or attract their target audience through their tactics of presenting the information. It’s done it the hope to attract the attention of audience and convert them into their customers.

2) No Control Over Time
The promotional methods here once executed can’t be updated. Whether it’s a text ad in a local newspaper or a television commercial, you’ll need to replace it with a new ad for any updates.

3) High Cost
The amount you spend in making your ad may not give you an equal return on publishing the ad. It will only be effective once it is viewed by your target audience on the same day as of publishing. To make sure you reach them, you would have to make a new print ad campaign or distribute posters and fliers in your area, which requires a lot of investment.

4) Full Pricing Details not Disclosed
Showcasing the full price details, customization is not possible in a traditional format. This is so because you do’ get enough space to do the same.

5) Poor Campaign Measurement
It is very important to have an idea about the campaign which is to be executed, that how effective it’s going to be. Moreover, the measurement of effectiveness is not possible in a traditional format easily.
Today people are mostly shifting to digital marketing, which they find to be user friendly and easily available to all. This is so because, in digital marketing, the business is done online, through social media posting, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, Google ads, and many others.
The main goal here is to find out people, who are searching for anything related to the brand similar to that of marketers. In this case, every time the audience searches for a product, search engines can show your brand on the top, which can make an identity in the buyer’s mind.

1) Your ads will reach a maximum number of audiences, as today everyone is using the internet.
2) You can even select your target audience and centralize your ads around them, to grab their attention.
3) The cost investment is lowered compared to the traditional format, as editing of any ad is done with just a click, rather than making a whole new advertisement.
4) Your ad results can be measured in many different ways, with the use of high technology tools.
5) The most important tool here the audience feedback, which can be made directly through them.

The reason behind the popularity of digital marketing is the advanced technology and the widespread use of the internet. Today people do most of their activities by surfing through the web, whether it’s purchasing anything or finding a job. When we give a look at the past, then we can see how extensionally the use of the internet has grown. Moreover, it has come such a long way that there is no step of going back in this path.
Successful marketing is where you connect with your customers or target audience in the best possible way and on every platform, may it be writing blogs for your product. The only thing which matters is attracting and spreading awareness.
Some of the important tasks like banking are also performed online today. The number of e-readers has consistently grown over the years, as it’s handy and available anytime to people. Therefore, it’s important to keep up with the digital world, if you want to succeed.


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