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How social cause is favorable by advertisement?

Today’s advertisements are way more different from the ones which used to come earlier,
as now the advertisers try to take up some social cause and make their commercials. This
always provides a sense in the public, how important the matter is which is not taken into
A well-produced advertisement is designed to grab the attention of the public and remain
in their minds for a longer period of time, which is princely needed by these social causes. If
it’s not produced in the same format, then the “Out of sight, Out of mind”, case will happen,
which has no value. Making the public think regarding the issues like child labor, old age abuse,
domestic violence, hygiene, racism, environmental pollution helps towards a meaningful
Any commercial advertisement which is designed with facts won’t impact the public as the
one which narrates a story, which is taken up from society. Since the advertisement which
weaves the story has the power to connect emotionally with the public and spread awareness
accordingly. Therefore, studies have also shown, feelings have a powerful memory, so as to
remember anything, then without those.

Taking an instance from the ‘Chota Packet’ ad of Colgate, this talks beautifully about the inner
strength of a child. The commercial depicts, a girl Nitya, who was trying to be bullied by her
seniors on the first day of school. It shows how calmly she responded to her seniors with a
smile on her face, which made her friends with them. Therefore, inner strength is very
important in every person, be it young or old.

David Ogilvy, father of Advertising Agency has righty said, “Advertising justifies its existence
when used in the public interest—it is much too powerful a tool to use solely for commercial



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