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Already struggling through a constantly worsening crisis, Advertising agencies in India could now face another blow. In yet another attempt to perish the advertising agencies, Government of India has now sought all railway publicity budgets through the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
As per a note sent to the Ministry of Railways, the government is seeking a proposal on ‘Publicity budgets of the department to be spent through the Ministry of I&B’. If implemented, all advertisements will be forwarded for release through the Bureau of Outreach and Communication( erstwhile DAVP or Directorate of Information and Publicity).
This clearly shall unfold darker days ahead for Advertising Agencies, especially the small and medium sized agencies. Most of these agencies survive on design and release of Tender and other advertisements for Indian Railways and different zones of Railways. Once this business is taken away from the advertising agencies, most of them will be forced to shut down.
Even before being hit by the adspent cuts due to pandemic driven lockdown, advertising agencies were faced with a crisis due to most tenders gone online. Now this initiative truly comes as a major blow unfolding darker days ahead for advertising agencies.


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