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Why Should Start-Ups Advertise on Mobile?

It is a very clear and well-accepted fact that today most people are using smartphones rather than using generic mobiles. Be it young or old, everyone has the same. Therefore, as the number of smartphone users has increased, a rivalry has popped up in the industry of advertising.
Today everyone wants to allure their target audience through mobile marketing, using different strategies. This has raised the competition between marketers, publishers, and advertisers. There are different ways of advertising through mobiles like- app-based mobile marketing, SMS marketing, location-based, in-game, and mobile search ads.

1) Location Based
These ads appear on the basis of your location or any search query of yours. By doing this they try to give you reminders to try a certain thing near you, through a last downloaded app in you phones or any search. This type of marketing intersects with your mobile search section.

2) In-game
If you are playing any game on our mobile, then it’s likely that you will see any other ad related to games popping up. Sometimes these ads consist of purchasing any product or likewise.

3) Mobile search and Image Ads
We all have seen ads all over Google while searching for something. These same ads appear on mobile too, while surfing Google.

4) SMS Marketing
It is one of the most used and trusted forms of advertising. Consumers believe this advertising positively results in their customer service experience. Targeting customers is easy in this form.
Today digital advertising is not just limited to websites but has expanded its area to all these forms. The growth of mobile advertising can be seen by the hike in mobile hike rate, which has shot up since 2013. This has made mobile advertising, a shining star of the advertising industry.
For countries like India which are coming up with Startups, mobile advertising is the key to make their brand a success.
1) Primary mode of Digital Advertising
In the present scenario, 80% of Indians and about two billion population of the world are preferring mobiles for their internet usage. Mostly in India after the telecom revolution there is a huge shift to mobile internet usage. Therefore, since the maximum number of people is using mobiles, this is the best place for start-up companies to advertise and gain attention.

2) Cost-Effective and Conversion Oriented Solution
Environment funds have also been a sensitive issue in start-up companies, while other methods cost a fortune. In this case mobile advertising is a lot cheaper and also provides various solutions to problems related to advertising. It also provides quick conversion to marketers.

3) Post Mobile Videos
Short videos can be created by the companies which can grab the attention of the audience. It is also very important to keep in mind that long videos make the audience lose their attention span. Thus, short and creative videos are fruitful for start-ups.

4) Get Noticed
It is very important for start-ups to make a brand presence, especially the ones who are working in the mobile or digital space. They should talk about their brand products through their USP. Most of the start-ups promote their brand through pop-up ads on various mobile applications.

5) Better Understanding of Customers
These days every brand wants to connect with their consumers on a personal level, in order to deliver their desired product. Therefore, in mobile advertising bands can connect with their consumers or target audience directly. This helps in building a connection with the brand where it can understand the demands of the consumer and provide the best.

6) Develop Mobile Application
Mobile applications play a huge part and act as a pillar for the establishment of any start-up, as it engages the consumer. If the application of your brand is installed in consumers’ mobile, then it will automatically build a connection between both, brand and the user. Thus, it’s the best form of posting ads.

7) User Review and App Store Rating
Building a good review for your app is very important, as the consumers compare your app ratings with the ratings of other similar apps on the Google Play store and then download. Good reviews could increase your 90% chance of being downloaded. Even though you are a start-up company, a level of competition can be given to well-established companies with good reviews.
Mobile advertising only proves out to be effective when you understand your audience; otherwise, all your strategies go in vain.


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