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Story of 50 years Old Indian advertising agency – Sharad advertising

“Old is Gold”, is one of the age-old sayings which is carried on over decades. Therefore, old shops, markets, or agencies never lose their essence. Sharad Advertising is one such agency, which is continuing its legacy and aura from the past five decades. It has always embraced the transformation and has stood up to the constantly changing world. It creates solutions which is brand-centric as well as effective to the audience. Creativity plays a key role here, as every idea the agency poses is a form of a creative idea, implied by them to grow your business.

Work process at Sharad Advertising

1)    MEET

The very idea of the agency is to first meet their clients with whom they have to work. This helps in building trust as well as rapport formation. It is needed to know what the client wants, what is their plan how it has to be taken forward, with some changes or making it appealing. As it is very important for the client and agency to be on the same page always.


This is the step where the relation between the client and the agency is taken on to the next level. The goals are set with deadlines to work upon. Moreover, once the plan is chocked out, both of them need to agree on the same.


This stage is termed as the ‘Mission Possible’ stage, by the agency. This is so because now the product launching ideas arrive so that it can reach the target audience and can make a space in their minds.

 4)    IDEATE

This is the ‘Conception’ stage, where there are a bunch of ideas getting mixed and it all happens very fast.

5)    DETAIL

At this point, the best idea is picked, for further process, where there is no issue with the budget. As the agency takes good care of your budget, it will provide the best to its clients in their suggested budget. Therefore, the stage is termed as ‘Gestation’ by the agency.

 6)    EXECUTE

This is the point where everything is aligned accordingly, as per the demand of the client. Once everything is done, the clients are handed over with the same.

Sharad Advertising has launched itself with a media house of print advertising, but over the decades has become a hub of the integrated media house. As they provide 360 campaign ideas to their clients. They have served their clients with the best quality results in every sector.


Indian Oil, SAIL, Hindustan Petroleum, GAIL, Bharat Petroleum, National Mineral Development Corporation, HONDA, USHA, Apollo Hospitals, ITC, XEROX, Panasonic, Carrier, Indian Bank, Union Bank, United Bank of India, and many more brands among these sectors. The agency represents every sector of the economy, which has always liked the creative team and versatility of the agency. They have always made up to the expectations of their clients even, have done from expected, which is the reason behind having such clients in the list. The agency has always given priority to the communication needs of their clients, thus providing them with path-breaking solutions.

Clients Review

“M/S Sharad Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has been progressively performing well and has the potential to put in an outstanding performance in the event of any future assignments. Wishing the agency all the very best for its future endeavors.”

                                                                                                        -Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd


“Interaction and working with Team Sharad Advtg, has been a good experience, found them very professional.”

                                                                                                                                -Xerox India Ltd.

“Overwhelmed by the hospitality provided by Sharad Advertising agency. We would like to sustain this relationship in the future too.”

                                                                                                           -Power Grid Corpn of India

The agency covers a large and all forms of media, which has always been liked by its clients. There is a team for every area, which leads to the smooth flow of work.

Integrated Tools of the Agency

1)    Print Advertising Over the decade’s newspaper has been the popular segment in their service. But over time they have developed expertise in publishing advertisements anywhere in India, or the world, in the shortest period of time.

 2)    AV Production

With the in-house team of scriptwriters, the agency pulls off its amazing radio, television, or even short film ads.

 3)    OOH

The agency provides the largest cover across all parts of the country, be in airport translate or wall drawings in villages. As they believe that an advertisement is successful when it’s able to reach in all parts, moreover, to everyone.

 4)    Events

Practical things are understood by people more than descriptive. Therefore, the agency publicizes the product by mixing any cultural activity or any sports program to it.  This adds value to the product and brings it in open.

 5)    PR

The agency is also responsible for all your PR services, across India. This includes organizing Press Conferences, publishing the press release, making the press kit and even insuring that you get full media coverage, through your conference. This is done to add mileage to your advertising budget.

 6)    Social Media Marketing

The creative team of the agency ensures that your ad is being flashed to every social media site. Be it Instagram, which is the major attraction for youth to LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and beyond. The visuals are made so appealing that it grabs the sight of the audience quickly.

 7)    Digital and Web

The creative team here is also very quick in providing you with every day changing media solutions. There are experts who look after the digital media field. From designing your website to any other internet activity, the team handles it all.

 If you have to get full coverage for their advertising, they should directly come to Sharad Advertising, as they have roots in all aspects of media. Moreover, the agency has always grown in its works since the time it established, which is 1969.



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