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  The websites and app have been developed with great finesse and intricacy and provide comprehensive information about the products– the train itself, on-board facilities, tour itinerary, inclusion and exclusions and schedule departures with booking terms and conditions.
The websites had been powered with booking engine allowing the guests to book the train tours as per choice and convenience. The websites have been very instrumental in providing direct bookings of the trains to the companies besides being a primary source of exhaustive information for the tourists.
The tourism portal and digital marketing team have been continuously evolving the websites in order to make them more attractive, informative and user friendly being essential digital marketing and promotional tools.
Tourism Promotional Film (Northern Region)
IRCTC received the second National Tourism Award in the category of “Tourism Promotional Film (Northern Region)” for the short promotional film developed for its Buddhist Circuit Special Tourist Train in 5 languages namely: English, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese.
The beautiful short promotional film of 5 minutes and 38 seconds takes one to the “Footstep Trails of Revered Lord Buddha – the epitome of knowledge, peace and enlightenment” on board the Buddhist
Special Tourist Train of IRCTC – a fully air- conditioned deluxe train equipped with state of art facilities and amenities for a comfortable tour.
The short film developed by the marketing & digital marketing team of IRCTC has been appreciated for its inclusiveness and creativity as the film guides one through the consecrated tour of Lord Buddha and places associated with his life.
The day wise film takes one through the hinterland of the North Central India crossing over to Nepal as the train embarks upon journey to the world famous destinations connected to Lord Buddha, namely Gaya, Bodhgaya, Rajgir and Nalanda, Sarnath, Lumbini (Nepal), Kushinagar and Sravasti.
The short film has been curated with great poise highlighting the importance of each destination of the tour duly providing an insightful view of this unique travel while highlighting the special features, facilities and amenities of the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train at the same time. The viewers remain awestruck and immersed into this amazing and revered Buddhist sites pictured to perfect frame.

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