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  Farewell Note for a friend & Colleague
Dear Sumit
It has been sometime since we came to know about your selection for a much coveted post in one of our favorite and your home state. It took us some time to come to terms with the news. It was hard to believe that you would no more be on our team.
Having known you since you joined IRCTC in 2006, I am sure no one who came in touch with you in IRCTC would say that they wouldn’t miss your presence. You made everyone so comfortable that work never felt like work, because you would take most of load off the shoulders of rest of us. A person like you would always be dear to all - peers, seniors as well as subordinates. You were truly pride of the team you were on and envy of rest.
You joined in the Catering cadre, but worked for literally all verticals of IRCTC and had a big impact on the Tourism domain, specially Maharajas’ Express. You truly were a hospitality person.
We cannot forget your stint with North Zone, where we worked together in developing the Jan Ahaar model, Anand Vihar Fast Food Unit, Tourism Facilitation Centre and Katra Guest House, which were hugely successful and were appreciated by IRCTC and Railway Officers. The projects got us a lot of limelight as individuals and foremost as team North Zone. We as a team also delivered unbelievable results with takeover and operation of Maharajas’ Express.
An honest person to the core, you would always put the organization (and nation) above everything else, including challenges in your personal life.
Your friendly and trustworthy nature helped you cut across all boundaries associated with offices and verticals, within and beyond IRCTC. You were always available to anyone who needed help in personal as well as professional capacity, be it a workman, who didn’t know how to write a response to a charge sheet, or an outsourced employee, to whom he offered his home when his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a female colleague, whose husband needed platelets for treatment. You were like a family to all of them.
There is a saying “Initiative is to do something, which ought to be done, without being asked to do so”. You are a person who always exemplified that.
I am sure you will carve a niche for yourself in your new assignment and all other assignments to come your way.
We may no more be colleagues but will always continue to be friends.
Best Wishes Tanweer Ismail AGM/CS/CO

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