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  Other Initiatives under CSR: -
In Sep, 2022, a Parliament Standing Committee on Subordinate Legislation, Rajya Sabha meeting was held at Mangalore under the chairmanship of Shri Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Chairman Standing Committee on Subordinate Legislation, Rajya Sabha to Government of India.
CMD/IRCTC in her welcome speech said that CSR consists of three aspects that must be integrated into the company’s daily operations i.e. social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic sustainability. It indicates a sense of ‘corporate citizenship’ and shows growth in the
long run through the promotion of social and environmental change.
During the meetings, the Committee interacted with several government organizations and gave useful inputs on further strengthening the CSR framework and supporting the ecosystem. The Committee also examined CSR data for last three years as submitted by the IRCTC and reviewed the prevalent framework, monitoring and evaluation of CSR project executed under CSR by IRCTC. Committee members thanked all the government organizations who participated in the deliberations and gave useful inputs on further strengthening the CSR framework and the supporting ecosystem.
 Blood Donation Camp honouring “Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava”
In honour of celebrating 75 years of Independence “Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava”, IRCTC organized a “Blood Donation Camp” in association with Rotary Blood Centre, Delhi on 25.07.2022 at IRCTC - Corporate Office, New Delhi. Rotary Blood Centre, Delhi is a licensed blood bank with license number
The camp has been organized in mentorship of Sh. Sandip Trivedi, GGM/HRD in guidance of Ms. Rajni Hasija, CMD/IRCTC who always take keen interest in charitable acts and promotes every act of humanitarian values through organizing social service activities. Donors were provided with donor card valid for one year, report on HIV, HBV/HBsAg,
504 and this is one of the Regional Blood Transfusion Centres of Delhi. Rotary Blood Centre, Delhi collects blood only from voluntary blood donors and provided to patients on ‘no replacement basis’. Blood is issued free of processing fee to Thalassemic patients, BPL patients and other deserving patients.
Malaria, Syphilis, Blood Group & Rh, volunteers and donor certificates along with refreshments. In view of the pandemic foot prints across the globe and increasing pressure on health sector for blood requirements, organizing “Blood Donation Camp” will help in easing the burden of emergency blood requirements and also a boost to the donors.

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