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  themselves as well as their families to cope with the stress that Thalassemia brings with it. In this positive and friendly environment, even other minor, but tremendously impactful decisions like creating recreational centers with books, games, and toys, and using bright colours in the space to create a cheerful atmosphere have been taken care of. Visit the space any time and you’ll see patients actually looking forward to their time here now. They forget the pain of the transfusion, and can be seen singing, dancing, and having a merry time together.
To substantiate in numbers, since FY 2018-19 IRCTC, in collaboration with The Wishing Factory
Along with this, because of the scale of the space provided by Government district Hospitals, these centers are able to host a range of events like movie screenings, birthday celebrations, art therapy or skill-based workshops, health-related orientation sessions, and lots more. These activities have helped improve the mental health of patients giving them the hope and vision that goes beyond this life full of pain and dependency on others.
With the space recently set up at Guna/Madhya Pradesh Center, the NGO was empowered to further expand their work, Collector Guna (M.P) has come
we have established 5 Thalassemia Wellness and Blood Transfusion Daycare Centres, the details of which are given below:
 Sl. No.
  Madhya Pradesh
  2 Dahod,
3 Ranchi
73 41
600 455
61 46
45 33
  4 Jaisalmer Rajasthan
5 Mewat Haryana
    forward to get warriors tested for Serum Ferritin levels to ascertain their Iron overload levels and thereby calculate the proper dosage of medication; and warriors in other Centers have been getting these tests and multiple medical supplies from a reputed Laboratory under respective district.
“On the whole, with the support of this CSR ambit by IRCTC in coloration with The Wishing Factory other NGOs can Learn to set a new benchmark, proving that with every penny spent thoughtfully, you can maximize the output of resources, making an impact that only multiplies with time”.

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