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  CSR Activities - Collaborations with The Wishing Factory (NGO) for Thalassemia Wellness and Blood Transfusion
Having experienced the pain and trouble of living on external sources for blood with day- long transfusions every 15-20 days, expensive medication to fight the iron overload plus other complications arising out of it, and the undying fear of meeting the ashes at just 25 or 30 years, the core idea of the The Wishing Factory, an NGO, founded by Partth Thakur at the young age of 19, with the intent of fulfilling the wishes of fellow Thalassemia warriors as himself under the apt name of ‘The Wishing Factory(TWF)’. Under IRCTC’s CSR activities, it was made a reality much sooner than NGO might have thought possible.
Keeping this in mind, IRCTC with the help & support of TWF envisioned a space where both, the mental as well as physical health of these warriors can be taken care of. A space where state of the art technology, the best quality medical equipment like Syringe Pumps, a library with enough stock of Desferal (the drug needed for iron chelation) and a comfortable ambience, complete with recliners that help maintain optimal posture for transfusions, air conditioning, smart TV units, an aqua-guard system, fridge, microwave, and more is made available at subsidized rates to patients that cannot afford the huge cost of treatment and frequent medication.
The unconditional support of IRCTC toward TWF in building this Thalassemia Wellness and Blood Transfusion Day care Centre has been the reason why so many patients today are able to avail these facilities along with counselling sessions for

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