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.  1 EditorialTeam
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~ t,‘ l ,_ Lu Sh.Ani| Gupta Sh.TanweerlsmaiI
at \\. ’ ’ _ _ AGM/Catering/IT AGM/MCS
' ' h 1- L: , I
/ K ‘ - U I  T

Dear|RCTCians, ‘ -

I am delighted to present to you all, the Third ’\ X T’
Edition of|RCTC’s Quarterly Newsletter which I am 91- Anand Kn Jha 5mt- Lakshmi Deepak

. AGM/PR JGM/IT/Portal

sure all of you would be expecting on the


The Newsletter is an attempt to highlight all the it 43-"
activities of IRCTC across all Zones & Corporate -  \ ~' " 7»
team and learn from each other’s experiences.The -
Newsletter will also be a ground for nurturing the ~ ‘- - - v
hidden talents of all our employees. The 5"-V-K-B"°“‘ 5"'Ka“"""""‘"""“

, JGM/DM JGM/Corp. Coord.

newsletter belongs to the employees of this

organization and I request the employees to send

us their suggestions, articles, poems, stories,

paintings, sketches etc for inclusion in the

Newsletter. We would welcome contributions in

Vernacular languages with a translation in English

for other readers. I also request the zonal/regional 5h'JT2"'\;l‘/"|‘n'::'a'““' 5"‘J::\":;’OGC';Va'
heads to bring to forth the achievements of the

employees in the professional front, which would

bea source ofencouragementforall others. 

We have featured an article on the three of our : " ‘_" V
Senior Officers who had superannuated/ resigned h

during this quarter as part ofthis Edition. I would -

. . . . Sh. S.G. Ghosh Sh. Prashant S Negi
once again like to thank the Editorial Team for DGM/T/C0 AM/CS
taking time out oftheir regular schedules to bring
forth the Newsletter.

Happy Reading. _
Dr. Lokiah Ravikumar *
General Manager (Tourism & Corp. Cord.) Smh Riva Mukheriee
Sr. Sup/Corp. Coord

While due care has been taken to authenticate the content, the Chief Editor orlRC TC managementshall not be held responsible for any

The views expressed in the articles are of the contributors and the management does not have any allegiance to the views of the

Theimages, whereverused, have been source from reliable sources.

IRC TC reserves the rightto amend, modify the information provided in the Newsletter, atalaterstage.

IRCTC also prohibits any individual or firm to reproduce the material from the Newsletter elsewhere.

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