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  with rail e-tickets, on their portal to generate additional revenue from such e-commerce activities. This issue has now been addressed through policy changes and will help them to market travel related products. The Promotional Activity charges are nominal as per the opted promotional activity.
2. Enquiry API Consumption Charges (EACC): Policy changes are also aimed at controlling the excessive enquiry load being thrown by B2C PSPs- OTAs/e-Commerce & other firms, on IRCTC e ticketing system. Many of the OTA/e-Commerce partners were having Look to Book ratio beyond several hundreds. Look to Book ratio is number of enquiries made against booking a single ticket. Look to Book Ratio of 1:100 is permitted for every ticket booked and enquiries made beyond which nominal charges are levied on the PSP for every additional enquiry made on its platform.
3. Affiliate or Associate Registration: In this service the B2C PSP is permitted to provide its reserved rail e-ticketing service by display of Digital Banners or Train Icon of such B2C PSP on the platform of its affiliate /associate (Third Party) and to enable the customer to search train related information or booking of e-tickets through concerned B2C PSP platform. This service is an optional service which can be availed by B2C PSPs as per their choice. There are certain nominal charges for registration of Affiliate/Associate of B2C PSP as prescribed in the extant Policy.
4. Free Cancellation Service (FCS): B2C PSPs are allowed to run Free Cancellation Service to its customer on reserved rail tickets booked through its platform upon exercising of such option. “Free Cancellation Service” is a promotional offer in which the customer will be entitled for full refund on cancellation of
e-ticket, if he/she opts for “Free Cancellation Service” at the time of booking and pays the applicable charges for it. Free Cancellation feature gives the customer flexibility to cancel their tickets and avail full refund of ticket price if opted for the same. For this service, nominal charges are levied on the PSP by IRCTC, as prescribed in the extant policy.
5. PNR Enquiry Service: Earlier PNR enquiry is permitted to B2C PSPs for only those tickets booked through respective B2C Platforms. Now, PNR Enquiry for all reserved rail tickets (online and counter tickets) has been provided under B2C Scheme which enabled to those PSPs who opts for it. This service is facilitated by charging certain nominal charges to the PSP by IRCTC, as prescribed in the extant policy. No Charges are levied on the customer for this service by the B2C PSP.
Authorized Charges for B2C Scheme:
The B2C PSPs are authorized to charge Rs 20/- per ticket for 2nd Class/ Sleeper Class and Rs. 40/- for AC Classes (included First Class). Users can not be charged more than the authorized charge. In any case, users can also directly book their tickets through IRCTC website without any agent service charge.
No. of B2C PSPs registered on IRCTC platform
Presently, there are 27 firms (OTAs/E-Commerce firms and others) integrated with IRCTC for providing reserved rail e-tickets to the customers through their respective platforms (Website/ Mobile App). About 21% of online tickets are being booked through B2C PSPs. The increase in no. of PSP integrations is an indicative that the rationale applied for commercial criteria in the revised policy has proven to be beneficial to both IRCTC and B2C PSPs.

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