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     E-ticket booking through Ask Disha Chatbot:
Since beta launch total 1,50,551 e-tickets have been booked by Artificial intelligence and Machine learning based e-ticket application in FY Q1 total 68,155 e-tickets were booked and with steep increase of 21% in Q2 total 82,358 e-tickets are booked on Ask Disha Chatbot platform. Substantial and consistent revenue growth will open avenues for additional services on Chatbot platform in future.
ERS New Format: IRCTC has launched the New ERS format on 15-Jul-22, New ERS large fonts and appearance makes conveniently legible the essential details like PNR, Train No., Coach No., DOJ etc. to needy persons.
Revised minimum passenger time to input passenger details for booking e-ticket w.ef. 21-July- 2022 are tabulated below:
IRCTC has implemented escort details of Divyang in non-editable format to avoid the chances of manipulation.
Curbing anti-touting activities:
IRCTC has taken proactive preventive measures at system level to curb Anti-Touting Activities. Some of the vital initiatives are as under:
• Reverse engineering & analysis of the touting software’s in the market to understand the technology, methodology, modus operandi and mitigation measures.
• Tracking of all PNR based booked in the first 05 minutes of ARP and Tatkal Period and segregation of Suspected cases/ IPs.
• Cloud based access of IP subnet pools to the system on a large scale by touts are blocked at network level based on analysis. The cloud based access to the system has been reduced from 45% to less than 10%.
• Brand monitoring and initiating Take down services of sites promoting touting software.
• POC of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning based anti bot system.
• Pilot project for email validation at the time of user registration through API integration.
• AKAMAI, POC in production to monitor & mitigate the bot activity at web level.
E-Ticketing Business
           S. No. Passengers No.
1 If no. of Passengers is 1 or 2
2 If no. of Passengers is 3 or 4
3 If no. of Passengers is 5 or 6
Earlier Total timings
50 20 60 25 70 30
            * A hold time (Please Wait) is served to users who try to make payment before 20 seconds.

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