Meet The Team

Late Sh. Shri Kishore Jain


                                                                              The Visionary. The Philanthropist. The Thought Leader.

The guiding light and the fatherly presence serving as guiding light for us all. Sh. Shri Kishore Jain founded Sharad Advertising with a vision to set high standards of professionalism and a client-centric way of the work environment. Going beyond the realms of professional commitments, he reached out to selflessly serve all sections of our society including the less fortunate communities. The foundations he laid with his ideals of compassion and humanity continue to pave our path of growth.


Managing Director

A highly dynamic and experienced professional, steering the Team towards the greater heights of professional excellence. With his new generation ideas and way of work, he lends a direction of growth for the Agency with his farsightedness and growth oriented policies.


Director Admin

Another young and energetic personality serving the agency tirelessly to ensure smooth functioning in every sphere of Agency operations. Her deep insight and understanding of client needs, she ensures that all commitments are honoured to ensure total satisfaction of our clients.


Director Planning

A strategic thinker with deep understanding of market segments. Supplementing this knowledge with a close understanding of traditional and new age digital media tools, he develops effective communication strategies and translates them into responsive communications and creative renditions.

01. Energetic Leadership

Currently headed by second and third-generation management, Sharad has a young and dynamic team of professionals at its helm.

03. Entrenched Traditions

Even the new ideas in communications, Team Sharad remains rooted in its long tradition of client-centric dedication. No matter how small a project, the client’s interests come first.

02. A Committed Team Spirit

Every division at the Agency is headed by a highly experienced professional and all divisions work like a well-oiled machine with close coordination.

04. Knowledge Powerhouse

The heads of our divisions bring immense knowledge and expertise in marketing communications, supplemented with a close understanding of market segments. It is how we arrive at focused and responsive communication solutions.